5 Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery

While creating a perfect nook for babies, parents often forget how important it is to pay attention to the right curtains. It is easy to lose track while buying adorable furniture, diapers and cute outfits.

But getting the right blackout curtains for the nursery shouldn’t be dismissed. And there is not one but several reasons why you should invest in a good quality blackout curtain for your baby. Not convinced yet? Read more to find out about what our experts (who are also mommies) at Spin & Weave have to say.


Why you should get blackout curtains for the nursery

A good night’s sleep for the kids is every parent’s most precious wish. It doesn’t only provide bandwidth for moms to get their work done but is also essential for the baby’s overall development. However, achieving that uninterrupted sleep during the daytime is made harder with all the sunshine. Especially if the nursery is located in areas of the house that are receiving abundant sunlight. In such cases, a good quality blackout curtain can come in very handy in simulating a night-like environment inside the room. 

A thick blackout lining fabric offers two-pass protection that makes the curtains almost opaque. They not only help in creating a dark space but also provide insulation against increased temperature. And a high-density blackout fabric also works wonders in canceling noises. So it's no wonder that 100% blackout curtains provide perfect conditions for a baby’s good sleep.


Blackout curtains for mommy's bedroom

Let's not forget to mention why parents also need to pay attention to their own sleep.  We've all heard parents advice to "nap when the baby naps".  Easier said than done!  I can attest to the fact that blackout curtains for the bedroom do help.  I have a hard time napping and simulating night time is the only way I am able to get any sleep during the day.


 At Spin & Weave, we have a huge variety of blackout curtains for all rooms. And we have a unique collection of curtains specially made for the nursery so you can tuck in your baby to sleep peacefully.

Ivory Velvet Curtains

A beautifully warm unisex color that doesn’t overwhelm the senses is ivory. For your nursery curtains, it’s key not to overdo the blue or the pink as they cover a lot of space when closed.  They are not only functional but can also help you elevate the décor by softening up the room, reducing temperature changes and keeping out the noise from outside.


White Blackout Curtains

One can never go wrong with white curtains, whether it is a living room or a nursery. A set of white curtains, be it plain or textured works really well for a nursery. Some people fear that white curtains do not provide a total blackout. However, at Spin & Weave, we use thick blackout fabrics that provide a complete blackout!

white blackout curtains


Blue Floral Curtains

For a baby boy or baby girl nursery, these blue floral curtains with blackout lining are definitely a great option if you're looking to inject some happiness into the room. Mixing some yellow, green and blue, these curtains are fun and bright but still offer the right blackout you need for the nursery.


blue floral curtains


Purple Floral Curtain Panels

Colorful and patterned curtains bring so much character and is an easy way to add color to an otherwise monotone room. And with these purple floral room darkening curtains, you can easily amp up the décor without compromising with light.


These were some of our favorite picks for the best blackout curtains for a nursery. But we have so many more options that can help you select the right curtain that matches perfectly with the nursery décor! Get in touch with our team at Spin & Weave and we can help you dress your windows in the most stunning way!