3 Easy Steps | How to Measure Your Curtains for the Perfect Size

Say good bye to curtains that are too narrow, too long or too short!  We've made it SUPER easy for you to get the right measurements for curtains that will fit your windows perfectly.   

Why are curtains made so narrow

Most fabric rolls come in a width of 54" wide.  To save on costs, companies will typically use the width of the fabric roll to become the width of the curtains - hence why you get these narrow 50" to 52" wide curtains that never actually cover your windows.

At Spin & Weave, we utilize wider width fabric which allows us to go as wide as is necessary to cover your windows with only TWO panels.  Renounce that cluttery look of multiple panels and say hello to sleek looking window coverings with our extra wide curtains that can be customized!!

3 easy steps to measure your windows

Pictures are worth a 1000 words and the below graphic explains exactly what you need to get the perfect measurements for your curtains.



But I do want to give you some pro tips that I could not fit easily into the infographic:

1.  Install one grommet, backtab on the OUTSIDE of the bracket.  Why?  Because it covers the bracket and gives you a beautiful seemless look!

2. Have high ceilings?  The higher you install the rod, the larger your window will look.  If you have the space, go even higher than 4" (up to 2/3 the distance between the window frame and the ceiling)

3. Is your window small and you have space around it?  Install a longer rod and extend even beyond the 4" (up to 8") for the sides.  Doing this will make your windows look larger.

We hope this helps.  As always, please contact us at info@spinandweave.ca for any questions!