Curtains vs Blinds: A Guide

I often get this questions from family and friends who are debating between curtains and blinds for their windows.  The truth is that there is no one option that is better than the other.  It all depends on décor taste, functionality needed, and budget. Sometimes the answer is blinds, other times it's curtains, and even other times, it's both!

Window coverings serve many purposes.  Privacy, energy saving, home décor, and noise block are the most common reasons. The plethora of options in the market has got us all confused about which option to choose. It is a blind vs. curtain game, and eeny, meeny, miny, moe isn't helping either.

So, here is a complete guide to answer your blind or curtains query. The blog goes into deep details of each type to recognize which suits you in all ways.

What vibe do you want to create?

The first question I will ask you is what kind of vibe do you want to create for your living spaces.  A formal dining room, family room and bedroom is meant to be welcoming.  And industrial looking blinds tend to take away from the cozy feel of a room.  Curtains and drapes add softness and warmth to a home, which is why they are a perfect contrast to walls.  Think of the effect a rug has on a hardwood floor.  This is the same effect you're creating for a wall.  Breaking up the room between hard and soft elements is crucial in creating a welcoming vibe.

Now, if this is for a laundry or bathroom, I would usually advise you use blinds as these rooms tend to be moist.  Although I have seen drapes in bathroom looking amazing so I am not opposed to it if it's made with the right fabric!

Curtains vs Blinds: The Fabric

Curtains are made with different fabrics ranging from polyester to linen to cotton.  Blinds are made up of slats in different directions and are usually made with plastic. The heavy materials that make up drapes give more privacy as compared to blinds. 

While both curtains and blinds come in light block options, black out curtains are a better option for making a room pitch dark compared to the blinds. This is because blinds tend to end before the frame of the window which leaves light seeping through the sides.  Light blocking curtains offer full-proof protection against sunlight as well as noise cancellation.  

At Spin & Weave, we have a huge collection of fabric materials available for blackout curtains in all sizes. Whether you have an extra wide window or you need a cosy fabric for soft feels, we have got you covered in every way!

Curtains vs Blinds: Easy operation

Remember the days you had to walk over to the TV to turn it off and on? Nowadays, curtains and blinds can both be controlled remotely as well!

If you are looking for the convenience of getting sunlight while you are still in bed, then remote control blinds or curtains are the perfect outfit for your window. A simple remote control can make them swiftly away and let the sunlight hit you in the morning—just an ideal start for the day.   

Curtains vs Blinds: Color Scheme

Curtains come in a sea of colors and allow customization, color matching, and creating a room theme. However, blinds come in comparatively fewer colors and designs. They are confined to a few shapes and are difficult to match the theme. Curtains are really versatile and they can take different shapes and forms. Design wise, you can do so much with the curtain headers, valences, tie backs. Blinds, on the other hand have a more structured feel to them, thus giving more sophisticated and formal vibes. 


Curtains vs Blinds: Window sizes

Window sizes are also an essential factor in deciding between curtains and blinds. Large rooms usually require curtain drapes to cover the light coming from the large windows.  Moreover, with drapes, you have the option of custom making extra wide curtains whereas with blinds, you often cannot go past a certain width without having to break up the blinds into 2 cassettes. However, smaller rooms with smaller windows may be better suited to fitted blinds to save up space. 

Curtains vs Blinds: Location

The location of the window also plays its role. If you have an interior setting with a sofa below the window, the blinds will look more aesthetically pleasing. The blinds are also convenient for washrooms and kitchens because they are moisture-resistant and easier to clean.  As for the rooms that absolutely must have drapes or curtains: formal living, dining room and master bedroom.  In some cases I would even add office to that list depending in whether design.  

Have you thought about both?

The last thing I will ask you to consider is whether you need both. A combination of blinds and curtains is often a good option if you want to have blinds are the primary source of privacy and the addition of curtain panels on the side to add visual interest, block the light from the sides and create some softness.

Dress your favorite window by considering these factors above! Get in touch with us today and we can help you select the right curtains for your space. We have partners that we work with for blinds as well!