How to Choose the Right Length for Curtains

We cannot emphasize this enough, but selecting the correct dimensions of curtains is absolutely essential to achieving the right level of privacy and look for your living spaces.  There are typically 4 types of lengths that people opt for when thinking of the aesthetics and functionality of they're looking to achieve.

Kiss the Floor Curtains

This tends to be the go to for most people as more often than not, curtains and drapes look best when they reach the floor. This length gives a modern and clean feel to the drapes. For bedrooms, having floor-length curtains ensures that less light seeps in the room. 

To achieve this look, you need to measure precisely and also take into account the type of header you're going for.  It’s worth investing the time to measure well so that your curtains can fit perfectly and look like they were custom made for the windows they’re covering.

Note that the length you measure will depend on the type of header you are choosing. 

  • Pinch pleat curtains utilize rings so you need to measure from the bottom of the rod to the floor to get the length. 
  • For Grommet curtains and back tab curtains, you would need to measure 1 inch above the rod to the floor. 
  • For Rod pocket, you would need to measure right from the top of the rod to  the floor.  
kiss the floor curtains

Short curtains

Having trouble finding that 72" long curtain?  How about that 63" long curtain?  Short curtains tend to look outdated, but they are sometimes necessary. There are a couple of scenarios where short curtains are a more functional option.

If you have a window above a radiator, you’ll definitely want to cut your curtains to hang above it so that the heat can dissipate into your home rather than getting stuck behind the fabric. Another consideration is children: sometimes parents opt for shorter curtains in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms so that they are less likely to play with them or pull them down.

short curtains

Floor to Ceiling

By hanging curtains from the highest point of the wall all the way down to the floor, you create a subtle guide for the eye to follow therefore giving the illusion of a larger room.  Floor to ceiling are particularly great for condos that tend to have large windows.

Precision is essential when dressing floor-to-ceiling windows with drapes.   Go for a crisp, structured look with drapes that just kiss the floor.

floor to ceiling curtains


Puddling Curtains

Create a dramatic effect by adding 3 to 6 inches to the length of the curtain so that they pool on the floor. The longer the fabric, the more dramatic the look, but anything more than 6 inches will look unkempt.  It is difficult to maintain but some drapes with a puddling bottom look really royal!

curtains puddling

Go with Custom

Window sizes are not as standard as we think they are and sometimes, the typical 96 inch long curtains that are sold online are just not the right fit.  They either puddle up too much on the ground or end up being too high, leaving the wall between the baseboard and window frame visible. 

You don't need to settle for the standard 84 inch long curtains that are sold online if what you really need are 90 inch long curtains.  

At Spin & Weave, we offer a great variety of lengths for curtains with including the hard to find 108 inch long curtains.   Don't settle for good enough when you can get it perfectly right!

Curtain Mounts affect height

How you mount the curtains will affect how long they are.  In general, hanging the curtain above the window frame and outside the edges looks chic as it allows the fabric to flow seamlessly. If you have a small room, try installing the rod of the curtains six to eight inches above the frame and let the curtains hang till the floor. This gives an illusion of a higher ceiling and a more spacious look. 

Curtain Headers can change the height required

Different curtain tops can help in determining the kind of feel you want to achieve in the room but they also affect the length that you order.  Pinch Pleat curtains are timeless but keep in mind that they utilize rings and hooks which means that you need to measure from the bottom of the rod to the floor. Rod pocket heading has a very gathered appeal and works best with heavier fabrics.  For those headers, you should measure from the top of the rod.  Grommet curtains hang from the rod but there is a 1 inch that sticks out above the rod - so you need to measure from 1 inch above the rod to the floor to get the right measurement.  Of course, if you don't already have a rod installed, you can adjust the position based on the curtains you ordered.

Want to order a custom wide curtain for your space but too confused to find the right size? Get in touch with us today and we can help you buy the right curtains for your beautiful windows!