How wide should Curtains be

Curtains have more of an impact on home décor than one would expect. Curtains and drapes are so much more than just window coverings. So, if you are just starting out your home renovation project and want to give the windows a new life, keep reading!

Before investing in the curtains few things must be kept in mind like color, fabric, installation, hardware, length and width. The fabric of your curtains depends on the window treatment you like. However, the length and width of windows are pretty standard with a few factors that must be taken into consideration. The dimensions and weight of the curtains play a key role in determining the rod size, installation process, aesthetic and so much more. 

So how wide should curtains be?

As a rule of thumb, the width of the curtains should be two to two and half times the size of the window to achieve that full look and block the most amount of light. Extra wide curtains are definitely more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Imagine a wide window that measures 108" in length.  To cover that entire window with ready made store bought panels, you would need 4 to 6 panels to cover that window fully.  What would you rather have: 6 narrow panels or 2 extra wide panels?  

In addition, the texture of the fabric is a big factor to consider. Sheer window curtains have a light feel to them, therefore, require extra wide curtain panels to achieve that gathered look. Similarly, pinch pleat curtains use much more fabric than grommet or back tab curtains.  This requires wide curtain panels to cover the same space. So, you may want to invest in extra wide blackout curtains for your bedroom curtains to have a flawless flow. 

Blocks sunlight

We all know how annoying weekend mornings can get when the sunlight seeps in through the windows ruining that beautiful sleep! Extra-wide blackout curtains work perfectly for spaces like these. The extra width stops the light from sweeping because there are simply less slits for the light to go through. Thus, making it ideal for a nursery curtains or just about any bedroom!

Sleek it up

Want to have a one-sided drawing curtain for that chic look? Wide curtain panels are all you need to achieve that smooth and clean drawing of the curtain. With 120 inch wide curtains, you can get enough gathering for the curtains to achieve the proper flow. The extra-wide curtains panels provide a fuller look and really elevates the décor rather than just providing window coverings. Ever looked at plain curtains that stretch flat to cover the windows and wondered how shabby they look? This is where extra wide curtains can help you dress up your windows in a much more sophisticated way!

Easy Usability

With the limited width of curtains, the pulling and closing of curtains becomes a hassle as you will have more panels to open and close. Our standard 60 inch wide curtains offer more gathering, cover a wider space and help in easier movement while reducing visual clutter.

Pro-tip: While opting for extra wide curtains make sure to have longer rods for an additional length of the drapes. Moreover, opting for thicker curtain rods will provide more stability for the weight of fabric that is going to hang on them. And if you are planning to layer the curtains make sure to use multiple rods so it gets easier to draw and close them. Another thing to keep in mind before you get extra wide curtains is to really invest in rod brackets for enhanced support. This will help in increasing the stability and security of the curtains. 

At Spin & Weave, we offer 60 inch wide curtains as the minimum standard for our custom collection. With our Artisan Collection you can order up to 120 inch wide curtains and achieve that seamless look. There are various reasons why we consider extra wide curtains to be the best for bedrooms.

Still not sure about how wide your curtains should be? Then get in touch with our specialists at Spin & Weave and we can help in customizing the ideal window curtains for your beautiful abode!