How to Select the Right Room Darkening Curtains

Gone are the days when blackout curtains used to be just a set of dark curtains in boring plain colors. At Spin & Weave, any curtain can be converted into blackout curtains so you have a range of choices.

So, how do you select which blackout curtains are the best for your room? Well, we have some pointers for you to help make this selection a cakewalk!  Read more to find out. 

Drapes vs Curtains

Many people get confused between curtains and drapes. Curtains contain a single layer of fabric. Room darkening curtains have an in-built feature in the fabric that doesn’t allow the light to fully seep in. Curtains come in a myriad of colors from two tone curtains to patterned ones. However, they are fairly light in weight and have an airy feel to them. 

On the other hand, drapes are typically multi-layered. Truth be told, Spin & Weave curtains are really drapes.  But, we don't want to get tooo technical about it.  Over the years, the terms have been used interchangeably so we cater to our customers lingo!  Make no mistake, our curtains are not your run of the mill ready made flimsy curtains that you will find at Big box stores!

The lining at the back can be any color.  Back in the day, it used to be black so as to keep out the maximum amount of light.  But nowadays you can achieve a full blackout effect even with white or off white lining.  That also has the added effect of creating a nice consistent look on the outside.

Room Darkening vs Blackout

Modern curtains have advanced features that make it possible for all types of fabrics to block light anywhere from 10% to 100%. From white textured curtains to geometric patterned curtains, you can have blackout or room darkening lining for just about any kind of fabric. So, explore your options and make a decision that can help you spruce up those windows! If you have a ranch-style house, invest in farmhouse blackout curtains. If you love white curtains but fear the dreaded yellowing, add in the blackout lining to safeguard them.  The options are just endless!  Blackout will typically block out about 95% to 100% of the light.  Room darkening anywhere from 50% to 80%.  Semi sheer, usually just unlined curtains, will block about 20% of the light.

What else do linings block?

Blackout curtains do so much more than just blocking light. It helps in reducing energy consumption by cutting sunlight and UV rays that enter through windows. Moreover, extra sunlight can damage furniture upholstery which leads to fading. Blackout curtains protect the upholstery thus making them more durable. In short, room darkening curtains work perfectly for energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

Modern blackout curtains have changed the definition of window treatment completely. They are now softer and made with durable fabric.  

The right rod for blackout curtains

Curtains are not just about the fabrics you select. For 100% light blocking the installation of curtains must be thought through carefully. This can be achieved by using the best quality hardware and installing the curtains at the right height so the light doesn’t seep in at all.

For best results, it is advised to install curtains 3-4 inches beyond the frame of the window. Just keeping these few pointers in mind will ensure full protection against light and UV rays. Furthermore, if you're investing in blackout curtains, make sure you're purchasing the right rod.  Heavy curtains need sturdy rods which means you need at least a 1inch rod to hold the lined curtains.

Choosing the Right Header

Headers play a key role in both aesthetics and the functionality of blackout curtains. Some most popular styles of headers that you can find are pinch pleat, rod pockets, grommets and back tabs. Depending on the design, some headers block light completely.  For instance the back tab headers block the most amount of light as there is no open space between the rod and the fabric as there is with grommets and pinch pleat. However, this can be managed by installing the rod higher towards the ceiling.  You can still select your most preferred top for curtains so as to not compromise on aesthetics.


At Spin & Weave, we specialize in making the best room darkening curtains. Our team of talented seamstress master the art of sewing and using all kinds of fabric for every space. Whether you are looking for custom white blackout curtains or sheer curtains for your patio door, get in touch with our team today!